3D printing

What do you do if you want to get better quality or even full metal 3D prints? Should you have your own metal 3D printer? We wouldn’t recommend it unless you plan to print everyday. The price for these machines is high and you will need people to operate and maintain the machines as well as prints, like polishing.

Industrial sectors already use metal 3D printers for everyday objects.

The most common are medical and dental implants, which are already considered the best available option for the patients. That’s because fittings can easily be adapted to individuals’ needs.

  • The second section is jewelry. In this case, most manufacturers are switching from resin 3D printing and lost wax casting to direct metal 3D printing.
  • The aerospace industry is also becoming more and more dependent on metal 3D printing.
  • The automotive sectors are already seriously considering it, not just for prototypes (where they have used 3D printing for years), but also for actual parts.